City & Guilds: 6150-05/55 – Rescue/Recovery from Confined Spaces Course

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Rescue teams within confined spaces are important not only for rescuing those involved in an incident, but also for ensuring that those attempting a rescue are not placed at risk.

When booking please state if you require the City & Guilds 6150-05 (Water), or the City & Guilds 6150-55 (Non-Water). Both courses cover the same content, but learners sit a different exam at the end.


2 day course.

Course Description

Please note that this course should be re-attended every three years.

Every confined space team should have dedicated team members who are responsible for the safe rescue and recovery of those who fall victim to accidents within a hazardous environment.

This course delivers the necessary skills, knowledge and practical work for these professionals to act quickly in the event of an accident, use equipment effectively and gives candidates the tools necessary to maintain safety of all people involved within a rescue situation.

Although rescue of someone trapped in a confined space is often of the highest priority, it is important for rescue professionals to be protected in order to ensure they are not also affected by the same hazard that caused the accident in the first place. By attending this course candidates will learn about how to avoid these dangers and safely rescue those within the confined space without posing a risk to themselves.

Course Content

Please note that this course does require direct entry into a confined environment.

The following modules are covered in this emergency rescue course:

  • Preparation for safe working in confined spaces in an emergency
  • Exiting and entering confined spaces safely
  • Preparation for use of breathing apparatus and using the apparatus in the confined space
  • The use of rescue equipment
  • Safe rescue and recovery of a casualty
  • Safety procedures
  • How to deal with emergencies
  • Behaviour when carrying out emergency rescue and recovery
  • Applying industry specific knowledge to given emergency situations
The course covers all aspects of confined spaces, including low, medium and high risk environments. Candidates will also be introduced to the equipment used within these areas such as breathing apparatus, face masks, protective clothing and more.


To be eligible for this course learners must be physically fit and must have completed any of the following City & Guilds courses:

  • City & Guilds 6150-03/53 High Risk Confined Space
  • City & Guilds 5831 Utilities Operations Scheme
  • City & Guilds 824 Water UK Confined Spaces
Candidates should also familiarise themselves with the regulations and legislation relating to confined spaces before studying the course.

Certificate(s) Gained

  • City & Guilds Level 3 Award in Emergency Rescue and Recovery of Casualties from Confined Spaces

More Information

Want more information about this course? Download the factsheet above or alternatively call 01642 987 978 or contact us to get your questions answered by our specialist training staff.

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