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Confined Space

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Confined Space Training Courses


Confined Space Entry Awareness Training Course

1 Day - Raising awareness of confined spaces is essential for all staff to promote safety.

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Confined Space Entry Escape Set Breathing Apparatus Course

1 Day - Confined space entry awareness in confined spaces with the use of breathing apparatus.

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Confined Space Entry/Escape & Working Breathing Apparatus Course

2 Days - Self rescue shaft escape awareness using full working duration breathing apparatus.

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Confined Space Management & Supervision at Work

3 Days - For those responsible for planning safe systems of work after risk assessment.

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City & Guilds 6150-01/51 – Low Risk Confined Space Training Course

1 Day - Candidates will learn how to safely identify, work with and enter low risk confined spaces on this 1 day course.

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City & Guilds 6150-02/52 – Medium Risk Confined Space Training Course

2 Days - Learn how to use breathing apparatus, other specialist equipment and how to work with medium risk confined spaces.

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City & Guilds: 6150-03/53 – High Risk Confined Space Training Course

3 Days - High risk areas pose the greatest danger to all involved. Learn how to be safe at all times when working with these environments.

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City & Guilds 6150-04/54 – High Risk Confined Space (Top Man) Course

3 Days - Gain the competency, awareness and skills necessary to deal with the management of a team entering a high risk confined space.

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City & Guilds: 6150-05/55 – Rescue/Recovery from Confined Spaces Course

2 Days - Rescue teams are the lifeline for those within confined spaces. Correctly trained personnel save lives and prevent incidents.

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City & Guilds 6150-06/56 – Medium Risk (Top Man) Confined Space Course

3 Days - Gain the skills you need to safely work in a medium risk confined space environment as a top man responsible for others.

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City & Guilds: 6150-61 – Management of Work in Confined Spaces Course

2 Days - Receive a level 5 City and Guilds award in the management of confined spaces and all personnel involved.

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Confined Space Training

Training to work safely within a confined space is of the utmost importance for anyone who will be involved with either entering or being part of a team of confined space professionals.

The dangers of enclosed areas are vast; every year, people are injured or killed as a result of negligence/lack of knowledge in confined spaces. This is generally due to a failure of staff or responsible employers to understand the importance of confined spaces and/or a lack of equipment provided to ensure safety at all times.

Our confined space training courses are fully accredited by City and Guilds and give candidates the skills and knowledge necessary to work safely within these areas. The courses are available in various different levels and as non-entry and entry courses where candidates will be expected to enter a confined space and put their practical skills to use.

Every confined space should be designated with a risk level of low, medium and high. Our training courses are broken down into these specific sections to give candidates the correct skills for different spaces and will teach every delegate how to identify and classify each type of space. Training can also be carried out in a top man or managerial role when working with confined spaces, taking responsibility for a team of professionals and ensuring that the right equipment and safety precautions are taken.

No matter what your confined space application, PASS can help you develop a comprehensive training programme tailor-made to your business. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss what you need and make sure that your staff get the right training.

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